About Acappella Federation


We are a performing chorus dedicated to excellence, with a special emphasis on motivating young men to keep singing and performing.



While focusing on our vision, Acappella Federation will constantly strive to provide every singer/performer a very different experience from the typical model. This includes more variety, a higher level of organization, a progressive team-oriented culture, and a much higher quality product with less general rehearsal session time, knowing that the result will have a positive impact on the lives of all involved, including singer, donor/investor, audience, and community.

Acappella Federation achieved great results quickly after it began placing third in our first competition at the Southwest District contest of the Barbership Harmony Society.

We have released two CD's. The first CD, "Live at Watchorn Hall", was released in 2016. Our most recent CD is "Agents of Good". Both are available for sale. Send an email to our Marketing Director (marketing@fedsmusic.com) for more information.

Guests are always welcome at all of our events. Come visit us!!
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